• Alva's Shobhavana - Herbal Plantation

This is a Herb garden with priceless medicinal plants. Herbal Garden is spread across 100 acres of land having 58 separate vanas or sub sections, dedicated in the memory of Late Shobha Alva. Scientists and research students regularly visit the facility for research purposes, one of the most important reason being that the garden is untouched insecticides and pesticides. 'Shobhavana' is now ten years old and it is the first of its kind in Karnataka perhaps in entire South India.

  • Anandamaya Health Resort

A holistic experience awaits at this charming health centre catering to everyone's needs in which cottages, deluxe rooms and special wards are available which are all esthetically and spaciously laid out. The objective of this resort is to assist the individual to learn and appreciate the healing & preventive practices enunciated by our ancients sciences of medicines like Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda & Physiotherapy.